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The Nordvision partnership includes the five Nordic public service broadcasters DR, NRK, RUV, SVT, and Yle, which have agreed to co-produce 12 drama series a year. On this page, you’ll find some of the series that you can watch online in your own country via a public service provider. These series all reflect our shared Nordic culture, reality, and identity.

It’s no surprise that Nordic television series are watched by millions around the globe, and often win prizes. Nordic television drama – be it crime, comedy, or youth drama – is characterised by its high quality.

In the list below, you’ll find links to some of the series that you can watch for free online via a Nordic public service channel. So go ahead and enjoy hour after hour of Nordic excitement and enjoyment!

Dejta (Swiping)

A warm-hearted Swedish drama comedy about living life to the fullest.


A Norwegian drama series about four billionaires from Oslo’s financial elite, based on a true story.

Når støvet har lagt sig (When the Dust Settles)

A Danish drama series, which follows the lives of eight people before and after a tragic terrorist attack hits Copenhagen.


A Norwegian suspense drama about twin brothers who find their surfing paradise. Fast-forward fifteen years and they’re barely on speaking terms after a disastrous night changes everything.

Fred til lands (Deliver Us)

A Danish crime series about five people who team up to plan the perfect murder of the local village idiot. 

22. juli (22 July)

A Norwegian drama series on the terrorist attacks in Norway on 22 July 2011.

Allt jag inte minns (Everything I don’t remember)

A Swedish miniseries about a mother who desperately wants to understand her son’s death.

Invisible Heroes

A Finnish period drama series about the struggle of two Finnish diplomats to save thousands of lives during a Chilean military coup in 1973.

Koukussa II (Hooked)

A Finnish crime drama series about the drug cop Oskari, who is wanted by his ex-girlfriend after 16 years as he tries to track down the cocaine trafficker Code. 

Bedrag III (Follow the Money)

A Danish crime drama about policeman Alf and the hash smuggler Nicky, both struggling to survive in the money cycle of organised hash crime.


A Norwegian drama series about the period after higher education and the struggle to grow up.


A Finnish lifestyle series that covers topics ranging from cooking and cycling to wine and garden goodies.


A Norwegian comedy series about Stian, whose life is like a sporting career with victories, defeats, and obligatory running commentary. 

About Nordvision

Nordvision is a media partnership established in 1959 between the Nordic public service providers. The members are SVT (Sweden), NRK (Norway), Yle (Finland), DR (Denmark), and RUV (Iceland). Associate members are KNR (Greenland) and KVF (Faroe Islands), as well as Sveriges Radio (Sweden) and Utbildningsradion (Sweden).

Nordvision’s primary objective is to act as a catalyst for promoting and strengthening the Nordic Region’s public service providers by way of co-productions, programme exchanges, format collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Nordvision is co-ordinated by way of a number of programme and network groups.