Create your own Nordic Day at home

23.03.20 | News
Familie arbejder hjemme
Charlotte de la Fuente /
Today is Nordic Day, so we would like to show you something. We’d like to show you just how much literature, entertainment, and drama you and everyone else in the Nordic Region has access to, wherever in the region you are, whatever your age, and whatever your tastes. You can create your very own Nordic Day at home by immersing yourself in a world of films, television series, music, and literature to help you brush up on the Nordic Region that you’re a part of.

TV series

The Norwegian drama SKAM, which means “shame” in English, is a hugely popular Nordic television series. And there’s no shame in bingeing on those! Quite the opposite, in fact! And that’s exactly what Sana and her friends taught us back in 2016 when SKAM made its debut. What’s more, you have free access to other Nordic television series via the Nordvision and the N12 partnership. Take a look at the link below and create your own Nordic Day at home. 


A novel, a drama, some poetry, or a collection of short stories? Whatever takes your fancy, there’s a world of Nordic literature out there that will take you to the top of the tallest mountains, into the deepest secrets, and into the nooks and crannies of the Nordic mind. Find out more about the winners of the Nordic Council Literature Prize and get all the inspiration you need to create your own Nordic Day at home.    

Children’s and young people’s literature

Nordic children’s and young people’s literature is renowned the world over. And with good reason, if we say so ourselves! But why don’t you and your children judge for yourselves? Explore a world of adventure and take a look at the Nordic Council prize winners. You’ll find all the inspiration you need to create your own Nordic Day at home.  


“The winner takes it all,” so the song by ABBA goes. But who is really the best Nordic band or musician? It’s difficult to say. Here’s an overview of Nordic Council prize winners and a free Nordic music playlist. Listen, sing along, and throw a few shapes while you’re at it! And create your own Nordic Day at home.


Featuring Danish actress Trine Dyrholm at her best, Queen of Hearts won last year’s Nordic Council Film Prize. But its far from the Nordic Region’s only acclaimed film. Far, far from it. Here’s an overview of the Nordic Council prize winners and all the inspiration you need for films to watch so you can create your very own Nordic Day at home.

LIVE: Culture in the Nordic Region

Explore Nordic art and culture across a variety of digital platforms. LIVE events featuring chats with the artists, concerts, and exhibitions allow many more people to enjoy culture. Alternatively you can explore the livestream archive, where you’ll find many fascinating author evenings and events. Here are some links to live events and digital experiences from Nordic cultural institutions.

Nordic Day marks the day when the Helsinki Agreement was signed on 23 March 1962. The Helsinki Agreement is the political agreement that sets the framework for the co-operation of the Nordic Council. The day is a flag day.