Narrating The Nordics is one click away

19.03.18 | News
The Nordics Brand tool box
There is a certain Nordic perspective on life, one that reaches far beyond the Nordic landmasses. And there are traces of this all over the world. Rather than determining these traces for ourselves, the Nordic countries have handed the reigns over to the world.

“The Nordic countries share a set of values, centered around equality and openness,” says Margot Wallström, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs and acting President of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Even the most expert storytellers need inspiration. That’s why the Nordic Council of Ministers has developed a digital platform full of stories, films, facts, and images representing common Nordic values in action. Accompanying the toolbox is a free interactive online creator, enabling anyone to share the passion for the Nordic mindset to design their own materials to promote Nordic events around the world.

The Nordic countries share a set of values, centered around equality and openness

“I believe in concreteness. This is a very concrete way to share the Nordic values. I will definitely spread the word within my ministry,” adds Wallström.

Profiling the Nordic region is a common effort – a positive feedback loop enabling anyone to act and, in turn, highlight their initiative by posting it on or simply using #TheNordics on social media.

Flipping place branding on its head

Over past years, the Nordic prime ministers have been putting their efforts behind increasing the visibility of the region. One of the priority areas – regional branding – aims at strengthening competitiveness and improving opportunities for the Nordic region internationally.

At the core of Nordic branding are five shared values that bind the region together: trust, openness, sustainability, innovation and equality.

“It makes sense to assume the Nordic values when we work to raise the rest of the world's interest in our region. Once interest has arisen, it is easier to move on in other areas, like trade and cooperation,” affirms Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, the Icelandic Minister for Nordic Co-operation.

The Nordic Branding project is changing the rules of the game by flipping place branding on its head. And by putting regional differences and pride to the side, this collective vision benefits everyone and makes cooperation between embassies and other stakeholders easier.

It’s your turn

On the newly launched platform, there are already more than 40 Nordic stories – or Traces of North – from all corners of the globe. These diverse narratives represent how the Nordic values are embodied around the world and how they can be used to inspire and start new conversations.

I think that this hands-off, organic approach is what makes the Nordic Branding Project so unique

“We exercise a lot of trust and openness in the way in which the Nordic brand is interpreted on the other side of the world. I think that this hands-off, organic approach is what makes the Nordic Branding Project so unique,” reflects Tobias Grut, Project Manager of Branding the Nordic Region.

There are far more #TracesofNorth than can be found outside the small geographical area known and referred to as the Nordic countries.

But by striking up conversations, the Nordic Council of Ministers is not showing the Nordics to the world but rather the Nordics in the world.

Sometimes it’s only from a distance that everything becomes clear.


The Nordics digital toolbox