21.03.19 | News

New campaign: spot, capture and share Traces of North

On Nordic Day, the 23rd of March, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ international branding project "The Nordics" is launching a social media campaign inviting people from around the world to share Nordic stories using the hashtag #TracesofNorth. Let’s trace the world together! ...

18.03.19 | News

Nordic Day - sustainability and bridge-building

The Nordic Council of Ministers will be celebrating Nordic Day on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March. Throughout the Nordic Region, the Nordic Region in Focus will be marking the day with events and debates. Topics include the oceans and sustainability, and Nordic co-operation in an intern...

14.11.18 | Information

Invitation: Submit proposals for Nordic cultural initiatives

After the international success stories that were Nordic Cool in Washington and Nordic Matters in London, the Nordic culture ministers are again looking for a completely new concept for interaction between Nordic culture and the rest of the world, as well as a new location for this to t...