Floke – Single Use Plastics

Floke – Plast i hvalen
Floke – Plast i hvalen
Innovation project to prevent the flow of plastics into the ocean.

Æra Strategic Innovation’s "Floke – Single Use Plastics" programme has been nominated because of the systematic way in which the company seeks to solve the problems of marine pollution. By transforming global challenges into manageable issues and by gathering together stakeholders from across sectors and industries, Floke shows that the challenges involved also represent opportunities for business innovation. The programme tackles marine pollution holistically, not only looking at cleaning up and recycling but focusing on how product-design processes can cut out the plastic that ends up in the sea. Similar programmes in the past show that the method delivers results in the form of robust new scalable concepts and can be scaled up. Æra’s ambition is to run similar projects all over the Nordic Region and in other countries.

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