The Nordic Partnership Initiative - declaration by the Nordic ministers for the Environment and Climate, 15.12 2011

15.12.11 | Declaration
The Nordic governments want to be at the forefront of effective climate mitigation action. The combined greenhouse gas emissions of the Nordic countries are small, but the countries push for progress and effective measures to reduce emissions at the global level.


In accordance with the Bali Action Plan, the Copenhagen Accord and the Cancun Agreements, the Nordic countries have launched a Nordic Partnership Initiative to pave the way for cost-efficient and effective implementation of scaled up Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs).

  • After thorough preparations, programmes to develop readiness to benefit from international climate finance will now be launched in cooperation with the governments of Vietnam and Peru. The intention is to provide early action on the ground and, by way of example, to foster progress in climate negotiations.
  • In close collaboration with partner countries, it has been decided to focus on the cement sector in Vietnam and the waste sector in Peru. The pilot project will address gaps in data availability and quality, build technical and institutional capacity, explore mitigation potentials, and assess relevant policies and measures, including possible new market-based mechanisms in the selected sectors.
  • Climate financing from the Nordic countries including through the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) are central instruments for supporting concrete mitigation actions while the Nordic Council of Ministers serves as a common platform for facilitation of progress in international climate negotiations.

It is the hope of the Nordic ministers that this initiative and its results will serve as a useful input to the international community and as encouragement to others to take similar action

Ida Auken (Minister for the Environment, Denmark),

Martin Lidegaard (Minister for Climate an Energy, Denmark),

Ville Niinistö (Minister for the Environment, Finland),

Svandis Svavarsdóttir (Minister for the Environment, Iceland),

Erik Solheim (Minister for the Environment, Norway),

Lena Ek (Minister for the Environment, Sweden)