10.04.19 | News

Nordic Region pushes for global agreement on plastics

In a joint declaration, the Nordic countries are pushing for a new global agreement on the reduction and prevention of plastic waste and microplastics discharged into the sea.

10.04.19 | News

New biodiversity targets must set the bar high

The loss of biodiversity is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind. The Nordic ministers for the environment now want to set the bar high and ensure that the voice of young people is heard in negotiations for new UN targets.

15.01.19 | Information

Nature, climate and the environment in the Nordic Region

Long coastlines, deep forests, mountains, meadows and river valleys – from the Arctic tundra of the north to the warm, temperate parts of the south, Nordic nature is unique. The Gulf Stream may help maintain a mild climate in the Nordic Region, but climate change and encroaching civilis...