28.05.19 | News

Nordic co-operation strong at this summer’s democracy festivals

Young people are demonstrating for the climate throughout the Nordic Region. They are exercising their democratic rights and are demanding a sustainable future. Others are worried about our security and democracy. We’ve listened to them, and we want to hear more. Do you?

27.04.19 | News

”Skogssektorn behöver utbildas i att hantera bränder”

I fjol rasade totalt 11 000 skogsbränder i Finland, Norge och Sverige – en dramatisk effekt av det varma sommarvädret. Sedan dess har en nordiska arbetsgrupp jobbat med att ta fram råd till regeringarna om hur likande kriser för skogsbruket kan förebyggas. De senaste veckornas skogsbrän...

Prime Minister of Iceland, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, about Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges.
The Nordic countries in the green transition – more than just neighbours
16.05.19 | Information

Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding opportunities for co-operation on the environment and climate

The Working Group under the Nordic Environment and Climate Sector (AU) provides small grants to Nordic projects. These funds are mainly used to follow up on decisions taken by the Nordic Council of Ministers for the Environment and Climate (MR-MK) and the Nordic Committee of Senior Offi...