19.10.20 | News

Plastic pollution no more – Nordic report suggests tools and ways forward

Today the Nordic Council of Ministers for the Environment and Climate are publishing a new report on possible approaches to a new global agreement to prevent plastic pollution. Join the virtual launch that brings together leaders from across the globe to discuss what such a new global a...

17.09.20 | News

Lea Wermelin: “Nature is in crisis”

Biodiversity must be at the very top of the national and Nordic political agendas say Nordic politicians and young activists, in response to the new UN report, Global Biodiversity Outlook. The report shows that not a single one of the 20 goals in the global biodiversity strategy for 201...

11.05.20 | Declaration

Declaration on Nordic commitment for the global climate agenda

Declaration on Nordic commitment for the global climate agenda.

Decoupling CO2 emissions and economic growth
15.10.20 | Information

NHK Mandat 2019-2024

NHK ska bidra till en ekosystembaserad förvaltning av havet och att utsläpp av gifter och mikroplaster samt näringsämnen begränsas. Gruppen ska bidra till kunskap om påverkan av klimatet på kust och hav.