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19.06.19 | News

New vision for Nordic co-operation

The Ministers for Nordic Co-operation have outlined their vision for the next decade. The most important objectives are to make the Nordic Region a global leader on the climate and sustainability and an even more integrated region than it is at present. The draft vision will now be su...

22.05.19 | News

Nordic co-operation helps immigrant women gain a foothold on the labour market

A new guidebook helps local authorities and national agencies improve the integration of immigrant women in the labour market. The potential is great – for the women, their children and society.

16.08.18 | Declaration

Joint Nordic Declaration on Fair Competition and Fair Working Conditions

At the meeting of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Labour in Stockholm on 13 April 2018, we – the Nordic Ministers for Employment and Labour – discussed fair competition and fair working conditions from a Nordic perspective.

14.05.19 | Information

Nordic co-operation on working life

Working life plays a crucial role in the evolution of the welfare state, in business growth and in the personal development of the people of the Nordic Region. The joint Nordic labour market is one of the cornerstones of Nordic co-operation and involves working together on employment, t...