06.10.21 | News

Improving the integration of young refugees

The prospects for young refugees in the Nordic Region are poorer than the rest of the population in terms of physical and mental health, education and employment. A major Nordic study has identified significant disparities within and between the Nordic countries, as well as some of the ...

24.09.21 | News

Språket största hindret för att jobba över finsk-svenska gränsen

Språkskillnader utgör det största mentala hindret för att arbeta över den finsk-svenska gränsen i Tornedalen, visar en kartläggning från Øresundsinstituttet. Kartläggningen är en fortsättning på tidigare undersökningar som gjorts för gränsregionerna Norge-Sverige och Danmark-Sverige. ...

13.04.18 | Declaration

Joint Nordic Declaration on Fair Competition and Fair Working Conditions

At the meeting of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Labour in Stockholm on 13 April 2018, we – the Nordic Ministers for Employment and Labour – discussed fair competition and fair working conditions from a Nordic perspective.

27.03.20 | Information

The Nordic labour markets and COVID-19

The corona crisis has made its mark on the Nordic region. No part of society has been left untouched by the measures taken to restrict the spread of the virus – and that includes working life.