EKOenergy – Finland

Ecolabel to help consumers and companies choose renewable and sustainable energy.

It is a recurring question about sustainable production and consumption: How sustainable is the energy source? Renewable energy – solar, wind, hydro-electricity, geothermal biogas, biological waste mass – use fewer natural resources, produce less waste and have lower greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels.


EKOenergy is an international, non-profit ecolabel launched by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) and a network of international environmental organisations. It helps consumers and companies to choose energy that is 100% renewable and to preserve biological diversity.


To display the label companies must meet strict sustainability criteria approved by 45 environmental organisations. The license income finances two funds: a climate fund for developing countries and an environmental fund for Nordic rivers. The projects funded by the ecolabel all help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The international aspect makes EKOenergy unique. The idea is to expand the global market for renewable energy. However, even though it operates at international level, EKOenergy still focuses on the Nordic countries. The EKOenergy label appears on hydro-electricity from Norway and Finland, power from geothermal sources in Iceland and wind power from Denmark, Sweden and Finland.