Free Jimmy

Four low-life anti-heroes, three mobsters, five vegans, and a million reasons to free one junkie elephant.

Roy Arnie has a dream. One day he will run his own circus and conquer the world. The key to Roy Arnie's dream is Jimmy, a junkie circus elephant who hides a dangerous, valuable secret.

All Roy Arnie has to do is to free Jimmy and his dreams will come true. But then the elephant goes on a rampage, escapes and runs away.

Roy Arnie and the low-lives chase after him but they are not alone. Militant animal rights activists, murderous Lappish gangsters and an alcohol fuelled hunting party all throw themselves into a great elephant hunt in wonderful mountain countryside.

Meanwhile, Jimmy, suffering from withdrawal symptoms, has got into the company of a strangely compassionate moose...


Animated film

Director and Scriptwriter:

Christopher Nielsen


Lars Hellebust for Storm Studio

English title:

Free Jimmy


86 min

Release date:



Columbia Tristar Nordisk Film Distributors AS,

International Sales:

The Works International, Portland House, 4 Great Portland Street,  London, W1W 8QJ