Greenland National Choir

Grønlands Nationalkor, or Erinarsoqatigiissuit, consists of approximately 100 singers from 22 choirs around the country. Choral singing has become a regular and indispensable part of the local culture and daily life, at religious celebrations, festive family occasions and official national events.

Choral singing has become an integral part of the Greenland identity. Over the years, there have been choirs in all of the main towns. The first moves towards a national choir were taken in 1991 in Knud Rasmussen's High School in Sisimiut, when nine choirs assembled from Sisimiut, Nuuk, Aasiaat, Maniitsoq, Paamiut, Narsaq, Qaqortoq, Nanortalik and Tasiilaq. They sang, attended courses in singing techniques and in communications between choir and conductor.

The 10-day event culminated in the foundation of the Greenland National Choir, the release of a CD and, ultimately, a national organisation. When the Greenland House of Culture, Katuaq, opened in 1997,

100 choristers from all over the country performed under the batons of Peter Hanke and Per Rosing and accompanied by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra.

During the 200s decade, the National Choir has held its own summer events. Despite the tremendously high travel costs, choirs continue to attend the regional events. This is tied to the fact that it is all voluntary, including raising the necessary funds.

In 1998, the gathering was in in Nuuk, in 2001 in Ilulissat, in 2002 in Aasiaat, in 2002 in Aasiaat, in 2006 in Qaqortoq andin 2007 the gathering was held in Maniitsoq.

The choir has released three CDs featuring Greenland songs and various conductors, e.g. Per Rosing, Peter Hanke and Bertel Sandgrend. Today, 22 different choirs are members of Erinarsoqatigiissuit.

Peter Davidsen chairs the organisation.