Henning Larsen, the Faroe Islands and Klaksvik Rowing Club – the Faroe Islands

klaksvig roklub miljøpris 2024
Nic Lehoux
The new clubhouse built for Klaksvik Rowing Club protects nature and promotes Faroese cultural heritage.

Henning Larsen, the Faroe Islands and Klaksvik Rowing Club have been nominated for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2024.

The Henning Larsen studio has designed a unique piece of interaction between construction, activity and art, one that promotes environmental sustainability as well as cultural awareness in Klaksvík, in the Faroe Islands and in general. Klaksvíkar Róðrarfelag (Klaksvik Rowing Club) caters for all ages. Ten Faroese clinker-built boats – a unique type of craft that has shaped the identity of the Faroese for centuries – act as a focal point for its activities. 


The building is a rethink of traditional Faroese boathouses, with wooden façades and big windows, where indoor and outdoor space merge. It is made of maintenance-free materials and has a grass roof for natural insulation. A work of art consisting of elements from a clinker-built boat adorns the clubhouse, making the interplay between building, activity and art a reality. 


The clubhouse is used by the whole town and serves as a dynamic social centre for the local area, making Klaksvík Rowing Club an example of how integrated design enriches communities as well as the environment. The project for Klaksvík Rowing Club protects nature and promotes the Faroese cultural heritage.