Jonas Struck

Adam Klixbull
Composer Jonas Struck is nominated for the 2024 Nordic Council Music Prize for the music for the documentary film “Apolonia Apolonia” (2022).


Unlike many, Jonas Struck (born in 1972) has managed to maintain a deep and original integrity as a film composer in an industry with many interests.  


Thanks to his productivity, thoroughness, and musicality, he is deeply absorbed in conveying the moods from the screen that he wishes to emphasise. He pursues, often in processes lasting for years, the utmost result from idea to score and masters the simple sketch as well as the grand symphonic sound.  


His strengths are many and include a great ability in capturing moods on the melodic level as well, while his craftsmanship shines through in both the electronic and the organically acoustic realms.  


In his score for Apolonia Apolonia one can almost feel the muted canvas, materialising in his piano sound softened by fabric.  


With Swan Lee, he’s also behind one of Denmark’s most influential contemporary rock bands, and his songwriting and extensive back catalogue have brought him significant success.