Löfbacka Traditionsbygg Ab – Åland

miljøpris 2024 ÅLand
Specialists in small-scale sustainable construction, building preservation, and ecological construction.

Löfbacka Traditionsbygg Ab is nominated for the 2024 Nordic Council Environment Prize.


Löfbacka Traditionsbygg Ab is an Åland-based company specialising in building preservation and ecological construction. Genuine craftsmanship is combined with construction methods and natural materials that are good for both the environment and health. Craftsmanship and ecological materials are integrated into their work, whether it’s building preservation, fine carpentry, historical restorations, or new eco-house construction. Natural and healthy materials in both new buildings and when caring for historical buildings should be an obvious choice. 


Löfbacka Traditionsbygg Ab is a locally anchored small business that maintains active and direct dialogue with the client and has a responsible approach to building preservation and sustainability. 


The business serves as a model and good example for others interested in small-scale sustainable construction.