Preben Maegaard of the Nordic Centre for Renewable Energy, Denmark

Preben Maegaard fra Nordisk Folkecenter for vedvarende Energi, Danmark
Preben Maegaard has pioneered the development of renewable energy in Denmark since the mid-'70s. As the head of the Nordic Centre for Renewable Energy, it is his job to teach others to meet global climate challenges on a practical level through the use of locally based environmental technology.

The centre has, for example, been involved in the development of wind farms, provided trainees from developing countries with practical experience working with renewable energy technology, and run information campaigns in Eastern Europe.

Maegaard was a co-founder of the Northwest Jutland Centre for Renewable Energy (NIVE) in 1974, has chaired the Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy (OVE) since its inception in 1978 and sits on the steering committee of the Danish Board of Technology.