Rune Glerup

Caroline Bittencourt
Composer Rune Glerup is nominated for the 2024 Nordic Council Music Prize for the violin concerto “Om Lys og Lethed”(2022).


The violin concerto Om Lys og Lethed, written for Isabelle Faust and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, represents the pinnacle of Rune Glerup’s long career. Born in 1981, Rune has composed works both at home and abroad. He has collaborated with Ensemble Intercontemporain, SWR Symphonie-orchester, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Odense Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, Diotima Quartet, and Trio con Brio.  


His music has always been fascinatingly clear, consisting of a very limited material, crafted tightly through expansions and contractions. There has always been something architectural about his music. Something static, even though it often moves at a fast pace with a lot of activity. Through his virtuosic instrumentation and precise timing, he always maintains an intensity.  


In this violin concerto, Rune has entered a more nostalgic sphere than we have previously seen in his music. A vulnerability has emerged, contrasting beautifully with his cooler, more objective soundscape. With this concerto, Rune has created a unique and beautiful work that has the potential to become a classic in the orchestral/violin repertoire.