Søren Jensen. Pendlernet, Denmark

Søren Jensen. Pendlernet, Danmark
Nominated for the establishment and development of Pendlernet (Commuter Net), a free car-pooling database aimed at commuters for regular trips to and from work.

Since the beginning in 1997 more than 26,000 people have registered on the database; the current 9,000 registered users drive 
about 200 million km per year, which would correspond to CO2 emissions of about 35,000 tons. Pendlernet has received positive feedback from more than 1,600 users who have used it to find commuting partners. It is estimtaed that the scheme has resulted in savings of 35 million km per year and thus a saving in petrol/diesel of about 2.5 million litres. Pendlernet is the world's first fully automatic car-pooling database.