Tyler Futrell

Tyler Futrell
Composer Tyler Futrell is nominated for the 2024 Nordic Council Music Prize for the work “Stabat Mater” (2021).

Tyler Futrell (born in 1983) is an Oslo-based composer, originally from Northern California. He has a diverse catalogue consisting of chamber music, orchestral works, vocal music, and stage works.         


Stabat Mater is a particularly powerful work that, in its ugly-beautiful manner, shakes our inner labyrinth. The dramaturgy is compelling, and it’s impossible not to be moved by the stark anguish of losing a child. The string orchestra, harpsichord, and soloists merge into a unified body and voice, and amidst the pain, there’s also such beauty that it hurts. In form, the work feels complete and well-considered.  


Stabat Mater was premiered at the Oslo International Church Music Festival in 2022 by TerjungEnsemble, with Silje Aker Johnsen as soprano and Astrid Nordstad as mezzo-soprano. The conductor was Lars Erik ter Jung. The piece has also been performed at events such as the Hardanger Music Festival and Fjord Classics.