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Studying abroad

01.03.21 | Tilastot
Mobility is high on the Nordic agenda also with regards to education. Not just because it is practical that we learn from each other and exchanges experiences across boundaries, but also because it helps us better understand each other’s languages and cultures, enhances the sense of Nordic affinity and improves skills in operating in international environments.

Nordic Students Abroad

In general, the number of Nordic students studying abroad is rising. That goes especially for students studying in other countries outside the Nordic countries. However, you also see an increase in students taking their education in another Nordic country. 



The number of students taking their education abroad is rising in some Nordic countries and falling in others. Finland has a rising trend, while the number of Swedish and Norwegian students abroad is falling. 


Studying in another Nordic country

Studying in another Nordic country is especially popular among Norwegian students. However there is a steep rise in the number of Finnish students taking their education in another Nordic country.



Denmark is the Nordic country receiving the largest number of students from the other Nordic countries. More than half of the students originate from Norway. The statistics does not include students from Faroe Islands, which may underestimate the figures for Nordic Students in Denmark.


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