Facilitating cross-border transport infrastructure planning in the Nordic Region


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In this report, we examine experiences regarding cross-border transport infrastructure planning. Three different case studies were selected in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration; the proposed fixed HH link between Helsingborg and Helsingør; the proposed new Stockholm-Oslo rail connection; and the on-going attempts to improve the multi-modal corridor from Mo i Rana, via Hemavan and Umeå, across the Kvarken Strait to Vaasa. The case studies represent cross-border transport infrastructure planning projects in early phases across the Swedish-Danish border, Swedish-Norwegian border and the Swedish-Finnish border. A common feature is that they are being furthered by local and regional players in the respective areas.This report is the second and final report in the project titled NORDINFRA – “Nordic transport infrastructure planning – institutional barriers and opportunities for coordination” (Nordisk transport infrastrukturplanering. Institutionella hinder och möjligheter till samordning) (2021-2023). NORDINFRA is a research project led by Nordregio and conducted by researchers from Nordregio and Umeå University, financed by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). The aim of the project is to increase knowledge about cross-border transport infrastructure planning in the Nordic Region. The project sets out not only to identify barriers to cross-border transport infrastructure planning, but also to highlight opportunities and propose measures to facilitate cross-border transport infrastructure planning.
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