Children’s voice: Children’s mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

03.09.21 | Event
shareable: Barnens psykiska hälsa under COVID
Friday 3 September from 14:00 to 14:15 at the Nordic House and via live stream


02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

Nordens hus


In a day-to-day life characterised by the COVID-19 pandemic, children have tried to adapt to this ever-changing ‘new normal’ at school, in their hobbies, and in their family lives.    How do they feel that the pandemic has affected their day-to-day lives?  What’s been the most difficult, and what’s gone well?    Children from the Children’s Ombudsman advisory group will talk about their wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.   

In addition, the children’s ombudsman Salvör Nordal will present the results of three consultations conducted by the office together with the country’s schools, which have collated children’s descriptions of their experiences and wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.      The children’s experiences will be documented and submitted to the Nordic Welfare Centre as part of the centre’s survey of young people’s wellbeing in the Nordic Region.     The debate is organised by the Nordic House in Reykjavik and the Children’s Ombudsman. The event is a part of the Fundur fólksins democracy festival, which will be held in Reykjavik on 3 and 4 September.

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