Åland Folk High School

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In this section you can read about Åland Folk High School, which offers general education and preparatory education for young people and adults.

Åland Folk High School has job-oriented lines, the NYA line, Crafts and the Nature photography line. Short weekend and summer courses are also offered. From 2021, the school also has the Grundvux line for adults who didn’t get a basic education certificate. And from autumn 2021 a new Sustainable nature tourism programme will be launched. This course is designed for adults who want to learn to lead and guide tourist groups in a sustainable manner in Åland. The school, which is situated in the middle of the Åland countryside 25 km from Mariehamn, is also a boarding school. There are no exams or grades at the school. Instead of grades, students get certificates of the content and scope of their studies. The language of instruction is Swedish.

Application dates

You apply for the NYA line via Åland’s combined student admissions. However, you can apply directly to the NYA line after the Åland combined student admission date has expired using the application form on the school’s website. Apply for Nature photography and Crafts directly on the website. Unfilled places can be applied for.

Åland Folk High School website

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If you have questions about Åland Folk High School, you can contact Education and Learning at the Government of Åland via this page

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