10 facts about the Nordic Region and Nordic co-operation

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Magnus Fröderberg/norden.org
Did you know that the Nordic Region has one of the largest economies in the world? Or that the Nordic countries have enjoyed free movement of labour for more than 60 years? Here are 10 facts about the Nordic Region and Nordic co-operation

1. We have one of the oldest and most wide-ranging forms of regional political collaboration, and we aspire to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.


2. We are among the richest in the world in terms of per capita GDP and have successfully adapted our welfare model to the global economy.


3. We have an open labour market. For the last six decades, our people have enjoyed the freedom to work anywhere in the region.


4. We accept global responsibility. We are committed to international engagement, working with a wide range of international organisations and with our neighbours, e.g. on combating human trafficking and protecting the environment in the Baltic Sea and in the Arctic.


5. We prioritise opportunities for children and young people. For example, we fund their studies at higher education institutions throughout the Nordic Region.


6. We have thriving architecture, film, food, fashion and music scenes that are of great interest to the whole of the world. We want to enhance our visibility and to support Nordic culture both at home and elsewhere, e.g. via the Nordic Council prizes.


7. We have fantastic and varied natural scenery, habitats and resources. We are good at protecting and exploiting these resources, e.g. for sustainable energy. The Nordic Region is innovative. We work together to find new, smart solutions for the bioeconomy.


8. We have one of the most highly educated populations in the world. We are strongly committed to working together on research both within the region and with international partners, e.g. on combating the consequences of climate change.


9. The Nordic Region is one of the most equal regions in the world, and gender equality has been made a major contribution to our economic success. The proportion of women in work is among the highest anywhere, and Nordic men hold the record in paternity leave.


10. We top many international rankings. We lead the world in transparency, trust, freedom of speech, the environment
and happiness.