How to generate more interest for the 2022 Session of the Nordic Council

Selfie i Oslo
Photographer Fröderberg
Would you like to join us in generating more interest for this year’s #nrsession? You can quickly get an overview of our communication work during the Session from our communication kit. You’ll also find useful images, shareables, videos, Twitter handles and hashtags.

Here you’ll find concrete tips on what you can do:

1. Get an overview on the Session website

On the Session website, you’ll find things like practical information, news, the agenda and other programmes for the Session:

2. Use our common hashtags

Join the debate and discussions on Nordic politics by using the two hashtags: #nrsession and #nrpol.

3. Discuss the Session with others on social media

Follow and interact with politicians and ministers on Twitter:

4. Register for our event

If you register for our Facebook event, you’ll receive unique information about the Session, which you can share with your own network on Facebook. During the event, you’ll also be able to see selected live broadcasts from the Session:

5. Share content about the Session

A simple way to make the Session of the Nordic Council visible in your network is to share the news articles, graphics and videos that we’ve produced leading up to the Session.

More material will also be produced during the Session and added to the folders linked to above.

6. Share and use photos from the Session

Share your own pictures and clips from the Session on Instagram and other social media with our hashtag #nrsession. Our photographers on site will also take pictures from the Session and awards ceremony. The images can be used freely and will be collated here:

7. Follow us and interact with our social media accounts

Follow and interact with our social media accounts:

8. Watch and comment on the live broadcasts from the Session

We’re broadcasting every plenary debate live: