Prime Minister of Iceland to open launch of Nordic Nutrition Recommendations

14.06.23 | News
Katrin Jakobsdottir
Johannes Jansson/
Prime Minister of Iceland Katrín Jakobsdóttir will give the opening speech at the official launch event in Iceland on 20 June. The launch is sparking international interest, with speakers and spectators from across the globe. Everyone can follow the launch online.

“The Nordic green transition starts with our food. The new edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations clearly shows the link between health and climate, and the need for climate action that consider all sectors and aspects of our lives,” says Jakobsdóttir, who is leading co-operation within the Nordic Council of Ministers through Iceland’s presidency.

Health and environment integrated for the first time

A key issue for the Icelandic presidency is the green transition in the Nordics, in which the new nutrition recommendations play a decisive role. 

The sixth edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations will be launched on 20 June.

The new edition is especially pioneering because, for the first time, the Nordics will present scientific recommendations about which food is good for health as well as the environment.

Food is pivotal in climate efforts

The climate and the environment are paying a high price for our current dietary habits.

Globally, food systems account for a third of greenhouse gas emissions.

Food is therefore pivotal in climate efforts. 

New dietary habits are needed

Food that’s good for the climate and environment is often also good for people’s health. 

Half of the Nordic population is overweight or obese, which is an underlying factor for many diseases. Dietary habits play a big role in preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases linked to obesity.  

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations are the scientific basis on which the countries base their national dietary guidelines. Among other things, these guidelines govern the type of food served in the countries’ public-sector catering facilities. 

Nordic co-operation is a prerequisite

The countries on their own would not have had the opportunity to create such a comprehensive and globally pioneering scientific report.

Nordic co-operation has been and continues to be a prerequisite for the development of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.   

The launch day consists of three different events that you can follow online:

Press conference at 08:00 if you’re in Reykjavik (10:00 if you’re participating online from Stockholm, Oslo, or Copenhagen, and 11:00 if you’re participating from Helsinki).

Research webinar at 09:00 if you’re in Reykjavik (11:00 if you’re participating online from Stockholm, Oslo, or Copenhagen, and 12:00 if you’re in Helsinki).

The official launch event at 14:00 if you’re in Reykjavik (16:00 if you’re following digitally from Stockholm, Oslo, or Copenhagen, and 17:00 if you’re in Helsinki).

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