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Nordic conference on co-location of marine industries

25.09.24 | Event
Rasmus Andersen
The Swedish Board of Agriculture, together with Nordic innovation and the Rural Network, invites you to a Nordic conference on co‑location of marine industries 25‑26 September 2024.


25 - 26.09.2024



If the Nordics are to succeed with the green transition, we must boost the resilience of the ocean while harnessing more of its benefits. Conse­quently, the demand for marine spaces is continually rising, high­lighting the need for a more efficient utilization of marine spaces, while simul­taneously maxi­mizing environ­mental, social and economic benefits of marine activities. Focusing on offshore renewable energy, fisheries and aqua­culture, this conference will highlight the oppor­tunities and challenges that arise from the increasing demand for ocean space and how to enhance nature-positive solutions for co-location.

We will engage in discussions about the necessary conditions for enhancing co-location of various marine industries at sea. Invited experts will share insights from different Nordic perspectives based on current knowledge with the aim of contri­buting to tomorrow’s solutions and sparking innovation.

Participants will gain an under­standing of the state-of-play of industry plans and the legal framework for establishing operations. We will also explore international perspectives, both from a business and governance point of view, and a panel discussion featuring policy makers will shed light on the perspectives for Nordic cooperation.

Participants will have the opportunity to contribute through needs analysis and ideas about how we can collaborate to further develop solutions.

The conference is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Who is invited?

The conference is aimed at policy makers, researchers, civil servants, civil society groups and marine entre­preneurs who want to increase their under­standing of the opportunities and challenges related to co-location and coexistence at sea.


Register before September 9