Lars von Trier's psychological horror film Antichrist about guilt, suffering and female evil, was filmed at a moment in the director's life where he suffered from severe depression. His long time friend/cinematographer, the Oscar-winner Anthony Dod Mantle, helped him put his vision into images.

Presented in official competition at the 2009 Cannes International Film Festival, Antichrist was a shock for the viewers and became the most talked about film of the festival, hailed by some as a masterpiece, criticized by others for being self-consciously provocative and going too far. The film ended up winning Best Actress for Charlotte Gainsbourg. Sold to over 30 territories, including the US and UK that picked it up in Cannes, Antichrist has opened in half a dozen territories since June 2009.


A couple undergoes extreme changes and the woman suffers from intense anxiety attacks. In order to help her and to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage, they retreat to ‘Eden', their isolated cabin in the woods. But the stay turns out to be stranger and more horrifying than they ever expected as nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse. Their relationship is put to test and they are forced to confront themselves and their fears.

Director/scriptwriter - Lars von Trier

One of the founders of the Danish Dogme movement in the 90s, Lars von Trier is among today's most celebrated European filmmakers. Born in Denmark in 1956, he graduated from the Danish National Film School in 1983, and the following year, had his breakthrough with The Element of Crime. His latest works include Dogville (2003), Manderlay (2005) and The Boss of it All (2006). Von Trier is an habitué of the Cannes International Film Festival where he won several awards, including the Grand Prix du Jury for Breaking the Waves (1996) and the Palme d'or for Dancer in the Dark (2000). As a scriptwriter, he has collaborated with Thomas Vinterberg on Dear Wendy and Jacob Thuesen on The Early Years-Erik Nietzsche Part 1, which represented Denmark at the 2008 Nordic Council Film Prize Nominations.

Producer - Meta Louise Foldager

Born in 1974, Meta Louise Foldager studied film science at Copenhagen University. As a producer for Nimbus Film from 2002 to 2005 she worked on Nikolaj Arcel's King's Game, Island of Lost Souls and Ole-Christian Madsen's Angels in Fast Motion. In January 2006, she joined Zentropa, specifically to produce Lars von Trier's films, taking over from Vibeke Windeløv. Since then, she has produced The Boss of it All and Antichrist. Other Danish filmmakers who recently collaborated with her include Morten Hartz Kaplers (AFR), selected at the Nordic Council Film Prize Nominations 2007, and Pernille Fischer Christensen (Dancers). She will next produce Arcel's A Royal Affair.

Key production information

Original title - Antichrist

Director - Lars von Trier

Scriptwriter - Lars von Trier

Producer - Meta Louise Foldager

Production company - Zentropa

Film length - 104 min

Danish distributor - Nordisk Film

International sales - TrustNordisk