FIGURA Ensemble

FIGURA Ensemble
Niels Hougaard
FIGURA Ensemble is among the 13 nominations for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2017.

FIGURA Ensemble consists of Helene Gjerris (mezzo-soprano), Anna Klett (clarinet), Jesper Egelund (double bass), Frans Hansen (percussion), Peter Bruun (composer), Filippa Berglund (architect and set designer) and Ursula Andkjær Olsen (poet).

They have spent almost a quarter of a century in a continuous and dedicated process of development, exploring music and the opportunities it provides to enrich or change the lives of audiences of all ages. The members understand that artistic practice exists in the interaction between the inspiration you take on board and the experience you pass on. Its many initiatives transcend genres and art forms, and reflect a high level of ambition. FIGURA is a well-established institution on the Danish music scene, and yet it has managed to maintain its open-mindedness, vitality and extremely high quality over many, many years.

The ensemble has made a particularly strong impression in modern musical drama, and has premiered numerous highly acclaimed performances, including MIKI Alone (by Peter Bruun), The Motion Demon(Steingrímur Rohloff) and Kabaret (Per Nørgård, Rasmus Zwicki, Anders Brødsgaard, Hanns Eisler/Kurt Weill). FIGURA is also behind the award-winning project “Small Composers”, which runs creative musical workshops for children. In 2009, along with Corona la Balance, it was awarded the Reumert Prize for Children’s Theatre Performance of the Year for “Story of a Mother”. In addition, for the last eight years, the ensemble has generously hosted its own artistically ambitious festival: FIGURA Festspiele.