Friluftsfrämjandets Riksorganisation, Sweden

Friluftsfrämjandets Riksorganisation - I Ur og Skur
Carl Crafoord
The organisation was founded in the 1800s and since 1985 it has developed its work by getting children to be active outdoors. The organisation currently covers about 100,000 children and adults.

“Rain or Shine” (“I Ur och Skur”) is a pre-school model which uses the great outdoors to help child development. The children can practise their gross motor skills by balancing, crawling, jumping and climbing outside. Similarly they develop their senses by smelling, looking and listening in nature’s playground. This all contributes to children having an understanding of nature, which will follow them throughout their childhood. The children learn the interaction between animals, people and nature in a natural way, which helps them to become more caring for nature and their fellow human beings.