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doom metal band

Formed in 2008, Hamferð is now one of the biggest names in Faroese music. Their heavy but varied sound, infused with a vein of characteristically Faroese latent melancholy, creates a distinctive musical universe that has caught the ear of a wide range of listeners. The concept is further underlined by their intense, magnificent and diverse performances, which bring together music, poetry and settings to create a uniquely holistic experience.

With two releases behind them, Hamferð frequently tour the Nordic Region and Europe, constantly evolving in ways that allow them to pursue a sound that is both hard-hitting and thoughtful.

Line up: Jón Aldará – vocals; John Egholm – guitar; Theodor Kapnas – guitar; Remi Johannesen – drums; Esmar Joensen – keyboards; Ísak Petersen – bass.