Nominations 2011

12 musicians are competing for this year's prestigious, major Nordic music prize.

Theme for the Nordic Council's Music Prize 2011:

“Individual musicians (instrumentalists or vocalists), who have achieved innovation in music with improvisation as a bearing element, and whose efforts are co-creative and important for the form, sound and context of the musical expression. The nominees must have attracted attention on the national, Nordic or international stage during last year (2010)."

The nominations for 2011 are:


  •  Lotte Anker, composer, saxophone
  •  Bolette Roed, recorder


  •  Juhani Aaltonen, flute, composer and saxophone
  •  Mikko Innanen, saxophone


  •  Skúli Sverisson, composer, bass

  •  Jóel Pálsson, composer, saxophone


  •  Sidsel Endresen, vocalist
  •  Rolf Erik Nystrøm, saxophone


  •  Mats Gustafsson, composer, saxophone
  •  Susanna Lindeborg, composer, piano

The Faroe Islands:

  •  Kristian Blak, composer, piano


  •  Nive Nielsen, guitar, composer and vocalist

Take a virtual tour amongst the nominees. You can listen to extracts from their music, or click further into their own exciting universe, where you can get even closer.

The winner of the Nordic Council Music Prize will be announced on 1 June 2011, and the prize will be awarded at the Nordic Council Session in Copenhagen in November.