Peter Lång

Marcus Boman
Composer Peter Lång has been nominated for the 2024 Nordic Council Music Prize for the work “LUFT” (2022).


The work LUFT – Art of Air, composed in 2022 by Ålandic composer Peter Lång (born in 1963), explores the boundaries between technology, science, and music. With voices from jazz and opera, cello and live electronics, as well as data from the EU’s Copernicus satellite system, Lång reshapes hard statistics into soft values.  


Parts of LUFT were performed in Åland in 2022 by soprano Johanna Almark, soprano Lisa Fornhammar, jazz singer Johanna Grüssner, and cellist Lydia Eriksson. The piece premiered in its entirety in Leipzig the same year, with Almark, Fornhammar, and Dolores Huremovic, along with cellist Sophia Günst.  


Lång describes LUFT as a meditation on a measurable world aimed at providing an understanding of data by transforming silent numbers into art and music. With his seven operas and an oratorio, as well as music for film, television, and theatre, Lång continues to develop his unique style.  


LUFT is a groundbreaking fusion of art and science, where Lång offers us a new way to experience and understand the world around us.