Philomela is a 40-strong women's choir based in Helsinki. It is best known for its energetic and memorable performances, which have moved audiences in many different countries.

In its 20-year history, the choir has toured Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Japan, the USA and many European countries.

Philomela reflects the human voice in all its forms, from sweet to angry, from soft to harsh. It often employs movements and visual effects as well as using acoustic spaces in a creative fashion.

The majority of the repertoire consists of songs from contemporary Finnish composers, which combine elements from various genres and experiment with the voice in their compositions.

Philomela aims to work closely with composers, commissions new works and serves as a laboratory for new musical ideas.

The main theme is often the mysteries of nature and of the multi-faceted emotional lives of women. The dramatic choreography is by Päivi Järvinen.

Philomela's choirmaster is Marjukka Riihimäki. As well as their own concerts, Philomela often make guest appearances along with professional symphony orchestras and at festivals in Finland and abroad.

Philomela has released five CDs.