Prize Winner 2002

Arne Næss, Norway

Professor emeritus Arne Næss fulfils these thematic requirements more than any individual in the Nordic countries.

Professor Næss is the founder of deep ecological thinking. Since becoming a professor at the age of only 27 in 1939, he has thrown himself into many fields of philosophy.

His eco-philosophy deals with basic questions concerning what is required to solve the problems we face today.

In his fundamental approach to the problem, Professor Arne Næss is characterised by the fact that his dedication to nature has never detracted from his care for humanity.

No other Norwegian philosopher has made as great an impact as Arne Næss.

Through his personality, his ability and his burning commitment, he has made a significant contribution to generating debate about fundamental perspectives of development.

His playful, unorthodox manner has enabled him to reach out to individuals and groups with his thoughts about the relationship between people, society and nature.