Prize winner 2009

Kari Kriikku
Marco Borggreve
This year’s prestigious Nordic Council Music Prize goes to the Finnish musician and star clarinettist Kari Kriikku.

Kari Kriikku enjoys major international recognition and is known as a brilliant exponent and ambassador of modern music.

The prize committee write in their justification:

”Kari Kriikku is an extraordinary virtuoso on his instrument the clarinet. His performance is characterised by flexibility and a positive musician’s joy – he is a musician in the best sense of the word. In his genre he is a pioneering innovator of the solo concert form which has led to partnerships with most of the important contemporary composers, whose works he has then performed for the first time. As a chamber musician he has also explored other contemporary music forms apart from classical music".

Kari Kriikku has recorded a considerable number of CDs which span a wide range from C.M. von Weber to Kimmo Hakola and Magnus Lindberg also digressing in the direction of popular music. His stage talent further strengthens the picture of a striking and mature artist.

The Nordic Council Music Prize is worth DKK 350,000 and will be presented during the Nordic Council's Session in Stockholm at the end of October.