Rasmus Lyberth

Rasmus Lyberth
Anders Rye
Rasmus Lyberth is nominated for the 2020 Nordic Council Music Prize for the work “Inuunerup oqarfigaanga / Livet skal leves på ny”, Album (2019).


Inuunerup oqarfigaanga / Livet skal leves på ny is the title of Rasmus Lyberth’s last album masterpiece. As the music also expresses, Rasmus Lyberth is a person with an all-embracing view of life and a positive philosophy that is infectious to those around him.

If you meet him in person, or attend his concerts with a larger ensemble or solo with a guitar, and sometimes only with his voice, you go home with a renewed vigour and a rediscovered joy in the small things as well as the larger things in life.

Rasmus Lyberth fills the whole room with his big voice, and whether he sings in Greenlandic or Danish, or without words, he expresses the message of the lyrics and the song through the way that he sings. The lyrics, melody and voice become one.

Inuunerup oqarfigaanga / Livet skal leves på ny is a magnificent work, the culmination of his lifelong career as a songwriter, singer, actor and performer in various genres, with emotional melodies.