Stiftelsen Gardar Foundation, Narsaq, Greenland

The work of increasing the visibility, sustainability, use and management of invaluable cultural landscapes is of great topical interest in Greenland. At the same time it can be seen that the concept of sustainable development has been losing ground in recent years to the discussion on economy and globalisation.

Here the Gardar Foundation offers a way of keeping the debate on nature and the environment alive by attaching an universal perspective to the historical conditions in South Greenland.

In this way, by turning the discussion round to focus the perspective on both the individual and the community's responsibility for the natural resources which will be passed on to our children, ít is attempting to push current economic questions into the background and to look at the management of resources in the longer term.

Greenland has a unique landscape, where the past and the present exist side by side. For example, the current Greenlandic population has taken up the challenge of farming from the Vikings: Today sheep, cattle and horses graze on the mountain sides and hay is harvested twice a year.

It is this co-existence that the Gardar Foundation's activities help to make visible and maintain in a way that benefits both the local people and tourists in the greatest possible way.