Tarira is a chamber choir with 20 singers, the majority with long experience of choral singing and music in general. The choir was founded in spring 2002 and has been conducted by Sunleif Rasmussen since the start. As well as being the choirmaster, Rasmussen is also a composer whose works include the first Faroese symphony 'Oceanic Days', for which he was awarded the Nordic Council Music Prize in 2002.

Despite its relative youth, TARIRA has already made a name for itself with a large number of successful shows at home and abroad.

Its Nordic tour in March 2005 took in Glyptoteket in Copenhagen, Jomala Church in Mariehamn, Åland, when 'Herrens Bön' (The Lord's Prayer) by the local composer Kjell Frisk has its premiere, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

In February 2006, the choir played Renaissance music in Christ's Church Reykjavík. Its work covers everything from ceremonial appearances for Her Majesty the Queen to less conventional gigs like the partnership with the composer Kristian Blak for the recording of his radio opera 'Eyðstein and Arnhild'.

Tarira's repertoire is varied, but the choir mainly works with Renaissance music and contemporary modern music. It has commissioned works by a number of Faroese composers. In August 2007, the choir will be in Copenhagen to record Nordic and Faroese works for its first CD.