The theme of Climate Struggle, Project Manager Anna-Sofia Kumlin, Sweden

Projekttemaet bakom Klimakampen, projektleder Anna-Sofia Kumlin, Sverige
Climate Struggle is an interdisciplinary project dealing with climate issues in upper secondary schools during the academic year 06/07. The starting point is the question 'What can you do at local level to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases?'

The project was developed in close collaboration with teachers and pupils, with the intention that the students gain insight into and improve their understanding of the global climate policy situation, at both local and global level, and devise their own solutions. Prizes are awarded to the best proposals.

The project is not just presented as an environmental problem, but also as a social issue, highlighting the responsibility of the individual pupil.

The team hopes the project will encourage innovative, creative thinking, increased participation in public debate, and dissemination of the messages among peer groups, friends and family.