Vokal Nord

Vokal Nord (Vocal North) is a 16-member choir from Tromsø, which took on its current form in 1997. Artistic leader Ragnar Rasmussen provides the choir with a firm base in North Norway.

They enjoy a core audience there, in a region alive with a cornucopia of sagas, folk music, poetry, ethnic languages, cultures and musical idioms.

The choir very consciously works on their artistic and musical quality, and has chosen to specialise in modern Nordic a cappella music and older European music, especially from the Baroque period.

Perhaps the choir's most important job is to develop new ways of communicating and presenting choral music. The 'Stories from the North' project is one example of its continuous search for a new and unique idiom with which to put over its music and touch its audiences.

North has a genuine desire to reach out to as many people as possible, so it is important for the choir to perform and tour in villages and cities in Norway and abroad.

Vocal North has participated in and done very well at major international choir competitions and has also released CDs. Vocal North has big plans for the next few years.