A comparative study on water tap labels within the Nordsyn cooperation


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A project was initiated by the Nordsyn group, with the aim to assess two different voluntary energy labelling schemes for taps in Europe, in the context of ongoing development of test methods and a possible mandatory energy label for water taps within EU. The first label is the Unified Water Label (UWL), promoted by the European Bathroom Forum (EBF, representing manufacturers of water taps, shower heads etc in Europe), and the second one is the Swedish Energy label for water taps, developed by the Swedish Technical Committee TK519 (consisting of Swedish manufacturers and the Swedish Energy Agency).Whereas the UWL is based on water flow only, the Swedish label is based on both water flow and rinsing performance. The results show that the Swedish label is better in differentiating between taps in terms of energy use and, according to preliminary results, also in terms of water use.
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