Ecolabel potentials of Sharing Economy Services in the Nordics

A Study into the Potential Framework for Ecolabelling of Sharing Based Services in a Circular Economy Perspective


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The Nordic working group on Circular Economy (NCE) and Nordic Swan Ecolabel have set out to investigate the potential for developing (type 1) ecolabels for the growing sharing economy. Through the study we examine sharing economy sectors and give our recommendations to which types of sharing economy it would be most relevant for ecolabels to work with. A screening model is developed with conclusion on which market and business models ecolabels should focus on in the future We recommend that ecolabels work with a medium broad definition of the sharing economy dividing it into the three main groups – gig, peer-to-peer and access economy. There are two sectors, which ecolabels should focus on: transport and the entertainment business.
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