Equality in Isolated Labour Markets

Equal opportunities for men and women in geographically isolated labour markets inLæsø (DK), Suðuroy (FO), and Narsaq (GL)


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This report details the findings of the EQUIL project: Equality in Isolated Areas. The project focuses on people living and working in geographically relatively isolated areas of the Nordic region, and asks how they are able to make a living and maintain ties to locality, and how questions of gender equality impact on work and family life decisions. The places in focus are Narsaq in Greenland, Suðuroy in the Faroe Islands and Læsø in Denmark. While different in several important respects, these places face a common challenge in maintaining demographic sustainability, as they are characterised by declining population figures, and especially young women have tended to leave. The report points to six lessons learned from its analyses, including how perceptions about ‘the good life’ often take presidency over perceived career possibilities when people choose where to settle.
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