Exploring Domestic Tourism in the Nordics

The untappedpotential of the domestic tourism market in the Nordiccountries and what Covid-19 pandemic taught us abouthow to realise it


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Covid-19 pandemic was a shock to the tourism industry in the Nordic countries. Loss of international tourism – both inbound and outbound – due to the Covid-19 related restrictions forced tourism enterprises and development organisations to adapt their products and services to meet the needs of domestic travellers. This report examines the domestic tourism sector, its significance and future in the Nordic countries, autonomous areas and in selected border regions between the Nordic countries and investigates practical examples of measures taken during the crisis. According to the results, the pandemic served as an eye-opener to the significance of domestic tourism in the Nordic countries and autonomous areas and the future of domestic tourism is generally seen as positive. However, tourism sector developers must work together to realise the full potential of domestic tourism market.
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