Information on Potential Deadly Mistakes

– between Paddy Straw Mushroom cultivated in Southeast Asia and deadly poisonous mushrooms growing wild in the Nordic countries


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Eating by mistake the deadly poisonous mushrooms:Deathcap or Destroying Angel instead of the edible PaddyStraw Mushroom may be disastrous. These mistakes haveresulted in a number of serious poisonings in the Nordiccountries, including very serious liver damage and inseveral cases death. Many of these poisonings, includingfatal cases, have been registered among Southeast Asianimmigrants or visitors in the Nordic countries. General advices on safe use of mushrooms:• Eat only mushrooms, which you are 100% sure that yourecognize• Eat only mushrooms, which are generally recognized as edible.• Do not eat spoiled mushrooms.• When eating a new species of mushrooms for the first time, always start up with a small portion in order to minimize therisk for allergy or other hypersensitivity reactions.• Do not eat mushrooms raw, as many mushrooms may causediscomfort if eaten raw, e.g., stomach pain or nausea. Especially for foreigners collecting mushrooms in the Nordic countries.• Learn carefully about the mushrooms in the Nordic countries,– they may look like some edible mushrooms in your homecountry, but can be deadly poisonous.
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