The Nordic AI and data ecosystem


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This report presents an overview of the Nordic ecosystem for the responsible use of data and ethical artificial intelligence (AI), both from the perspective of the Nordic region and the individual countries within it. The report has been written by EY on behalf of Nordic Innovation and has been commissioned to include the following information:1. Mapping of the current state of the Nordic AI and Data ecosystem as a whole. 2. Mapping of the most relevant national actors, initiatives, and best practices in the five Nordic countries. 3. Identification of Nordic strongholds with most potential for Nordic Added Value. 4. A short comparison with relevant EU level activities. 5. Recommendations for Nordic level measures to support capabilities for the responsible use of data and ethical AI. 6. Development of a basis for launching pilot projects as described above.In order to identify strongholds and recommendations for the ecosystem, the report dives into each individual country to explore several important areas, starting with which actors are relevant. In addition, the report describes the national strategies and policies tied to the responsible use of data and ethical AI as well as which major initiatives exist. For the initiatives, best practices are identified where possible to reveal what the countries are doing particularly well. Finally, each country has their own breakdown of national challenges and strongholds that are particularly relevant for them.