Nordic Bioeconomy – 25 cases for sustainable change


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The bioeconomy consists of the management of renewable biological resources and their conversion into food, livestock feed, bio-based products and bioenergy via innovative and efficient technologies. It involves tackling major challenges, both now and in the future. These include the sustainable production of sufficient nutritious and safe food for our growing population, developing new and more environmentally friendly sources of energy, and combating global warming, which can have serious consequences both on land and in the oceans.In 2015, the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel was established with the mandate to develop a proposal on a joint Nordic bioeconomy strategy designed to stimulate innovation and support a sustainable transition in the Nordic bioeconomy. As a stepping-stone towards the strategy, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel have collaborated with the Danish think-tank Sustainia (Monday Morning) on collecting and categorizing 25 Nordic cases on the ‘new’ Nordic bioeconomy. This catalogue presents a selection of the many excellent cases that deserve attention but the selected cases seek to illustrate the diverse bioeconomy activities in the Nordic countries. We hope that they will inspire you and enhance your understanding of the bioeconomy, its importance and its potential.
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