Nordic criteria for Green Public Procurement (GPP) for alternatives to high GWP HFCs in RAC products


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The project developed Green Public Procurement (GPP)criteria for environmentally friendly alternatives in the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC) sector. The problem with sector in the Nordic countries is that it contains large installed amounts of very strong climate gases, the HFCs. The total Nordic installed amount in 2018 is estimated to be approx. 43.5 million tons CO2 eqv. A market study roughly estimates that appr. 10 % are publicly owned installations. The project has formulated green procurement criteria for 25 product categories, based on screening data of the current technology stage for low GWP refrigerants and energy efficiency in different RAC product categories. The criteria can be directly inserted into tender documents. The overall conclusion is that natural refrigerants are applicable for most RAC products at equal cost and can be used as a selection criteria in GPP.
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