Soy intake and possible adverse health effects in Nordic children and pregnant women (unborn children)


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Aim: To explore possible adverse health effects of high soy intake among children and pregnant women (unborn children) in the Nordic countries. Methods: A dietary exposure scenario with a high soy content was created based on Danish data on the diet of women (18-45 yrs) and children (4-10 yrs). The literature was searched for relevant studies for a risk assessment of isoflavones. Results: Minor changes in the intake of energy and macronutrients, and no changes to the degree of fulfilling recommended intake levels for most micronutrients were found. Health-based guidance values for genistein intake by pregnant women (unborn children) of 0.09 mg/kg bw/day and for children of 0.07 mg/kg bw/day were established. Conclusion: Estimated exposure to the isoflavone genistein from a diet with high soy content indicated a potential health concern for children and no concern for the unborn child.
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