Almedalen Week 2023: Food for health and the climate – do the new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations hit the spot?

28.06.23 | Event
Benjamin Suomela /
We should eat more plant-based food and less meat for the sake of both our health and the climate. This is one of the new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, which will be launched in June. What new knowledge is there about the health effects of food and its impact on the climate and the environment?


03:00 PM - 03:45 PM

Strandvägen 4
Strands veranda
Wisby Strand

Debate meeting

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Should we alter our intake of vitamins and minerals? How much fruit and berries should we eat?

The new recommendations are the result of five years of work by some 400 researchers. Nordic co-operation’s most extensive and widely read report forms the basis for the national dietary guidelines in the Nordic and Baltic countries but is also used by other countries all over the world. For the first time, the advice is not only about what food is good for our health but also what is good for the environment.

The recommendations have already sparked heated debate in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic Region. The panel will bring together a range of voices to discuss the new recommendations and seeks to generate both dialogue and collaboration on the path towards more sustainable and healthy eating.


  • Annica Sohlström, Director General, Swedish National Food Agency
  • Karen Ellemann, Secretary General, Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Palle Borgström, Förbundsordförande, LRF, Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund
  • Helena Hansson, Professor i jordbrukssektorns ekonomi., Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Moderator: Sharon Jåma